CEAT Tyres has made the announcement that they have begun adhering to the new BEE rating requirements for tyres, which were developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. They have already been awarded a perfect score of five stars for the premium platform of passenger car tyres that they provide.

The Star Labelling Program for tyres that fulfil the regulatory criteria was only recently introduced by the government of India. This is managed by BEE, which provides star ratings depending on the performance of locally made tyres in tests carried out by labs that have been recognised by NABL. The results of the tests (while meeting minimum wet grip requirements) are used to figure out a tyre’s star rating, which is based on the rolling resistance coefficient.

The BEE star branding system is now in the phase of voluntary participation. It is anticipated that the star rating scheme will become an obligatory requirement beginning in January 2023. CEAT Tyres, on the other hand, has taken the initiative to start conforming with the certification process.

“It is uplifting and a source of satisfaction,” said Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer of CEAT Tyres. “We have been accredited with 5-star ratings granted by BEE for numerous platforms of our premier automobile tyres for sedans and SUVs.” It shows that we are doing the right thing to give our customers high-quality tyres.

Several of the premier platform range of tyres that are made by CEAT Tyres have already been given the 5-star ratings that have been provided by BEE. These are tyres for SUVs called SportDrive, tyres for SUVs and luxury sedans called SecuraDrive, and tyres for crossovers called CrossDrive. The star ratings that are given to tyres are comparable to the star ratings that are given to consumer durables like air conditioners and freezers.

When the BEE rating becomes law, it will apply to almost all types of radial tyres, except those for agricultural and earth-moving equipment.