1.Warranty Clause

All Booen tyres are guaranteed to be free from defects due to materials or workmanship. The validity of this guarantee is as long as tread lugs are available& the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) still on the sidewall of the tread area. For the guaranteed tyre service life for all solid tyre is two years which started from the date of tyre manufacturing except one year for ECO-GUARD and ECO-GUARD V2, or there is a statement between Booen and the customer which special budget products have been supplied to the customer. For budget ECO-GUARD and ECO-GUARD V2, the validity of this guarantee is only available when the remaining tread depth of the failed tyre is more than 50% of the original tyre tread depth.

If the customer finds a failure to a tyre, a demand for warranty claim adjustment should be applied according to the standard claim procedure, in order to make examination by Booen technical centre together with quality department or an Booen affiliate possible.

If our analysis shows a tyre has failed under this guarantee we will make an allowance against the current list price towards the purchase of a new Booen tyre relative to the unused portion of the tread on the defective tyre.

This guarantee is for the exclusive benefit of the owner and this warranty is not assignable. Booen does not warrant against consequential or incidental damage arising from defective tyre.

2.Terms and Conditions

2.1.General standards

All Booen tyres are designed and manufactured to carry the loads at the appropriate speeds given in the ETRTO standards.

An overview per size is given in the Booen leaflets.

Special attention should be paid to the footnotes, regarding mounting, speeds and usage.

2.2 Mounting

✱Sizes of tyre and rim should correspond to each other.
✱The sizes of the rim should correspond to the ETRTO standards and tolerances, the type should be flat base or split wheel for solid resilient tyres.
✱The rim and the rings should be in good shape, without cracks, deformations or excessive rust. Deformed or damaged parts should be replaced.
✱The rim load capacity should be equal to or exceed the tyre load capacity.
✱All rings making part of the rim should be used.
✱Trained people, using the right tooling should do fitting tyre to the rim , according to the Booen mounting recommendations

2.3 Speeds

2.3.1Maximum speeds

The maximum speed of the vehicle should not exceed the ETRTO values. They are given for the unloaded vehicle.

2.3.2 Average speeds

As industrial tyres are designed for intermittent service only and limited running distances, the continuous average speed should not exceed 5 km/hat an average load of 75 % of the maximum ETRTO load, this at an ambient temperature of 20°C, for solid tyres.

For average loads, average speeds and ambient temperatures exceeding the indicated values and for distances longer than2 kmper journey, the application has to be investigated in detail to check whether the tyre working temperature remains within acceptable and safe limits.

2.3.4 Storage

Booen tyres have to be stored in a protected environment (a dark and dry place, away from ozone), as specified in the ETRTO Recommendations.

2.3.5 Ambient temperature

Booen tyres can operate at ambient temperatures from-30°Cup to +50°C.Tyreparameters, such as deformation and rolling resistance might be influenced accordingly.

2.3.6 Exclusions

– Damage resulting from misuse, improper mounting, misapplication, use of non-approved rims, overloading, misalignment, defective brakes, abuse, wilful damage, oil, chemical action, fire or other externally generated heat, use of studs, water or other material entrapped inside the tyre, vehicle damage or road hazards (such as rock cuts, punctures, cut separations, impacts, flex breaks).

– Irregular or tapered wear or rapid tread wear

– Used, Repaired, or Retread tires.

– Tyres that have been modified in any way (regrooving, relugging, etc.)

– Any costs associated with the repair of tyres (unless previously approved by BOOEN).
– Costs of mounting following pro-rated replacement or repair of tyres, applicable federal, state, provincial, and local taxes and transportation
– Cost of disposal of warranted tyres (this is the responsibility of the customer)
– Manipulation damage, poor storage and improper unpacking
Safety and reliability in the tyre industry has always been a high priority
with higher standards than many other industries. The quality and maintenance
behind each component that is produced is of the utmost importance. With over 18 years of experience, you can trust tyre technology by Booen to
provide the quality assurance required.